Sunday, 30 October 2016

Quick facts

Played football since early teens, squash from early thirties, worked hard until my late fifties. On retiring guess I just missed that competitive edge to life. It only took a few sessions at St Ives Bowls Club in 2013 and I was well and truly hooked. Here was the competitive element I'd been missing so much, with the bonus of a lovely tranquil setting and very sociable opponents.

Initial thoughts were 'just how difficult can this be?' Entered all the club competitions. Turned up for my first singles competition match ready to show the bowling world what I could do. Promptly got thrashed by an opponent who suffered from gout in his bowling arm and was considering giving the game up. Maybe there's more to bowls than I thought.

Having discovered the game is deceptively difficult, trotted off to the library for a book on bowling. Got some tuition and attended all the club roll ups for practise. In my first season managed to make it as far as club Finals Day, runner-up in the pairs final. In my second season I won a competition... what a buzz!

Below is an idea of progress in singles matches since my first season. There's a definite downturn in performance for 2016... but I have a plan for 2017!

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